Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Turtle are Cool!

Today I'm going to talk about turtle. There are many varieties of turtle in the world. I have read that there are 270 and counting. Thats not a lot but sure seems alot to me.

They say Turtle have been on the earth for over 230 million years. What's  really cool is they where here before dinosaurs. Can you believe it they are really OLD. But they must be really cool to God because they have been on earth for long time.

Turtles can live almost anywhere!! In 230 million years, they have evolved to utilize very different habitats. They live everywhere on earth except the Arctic and Antarctic. The following examples will give you an idea of the different habitats:

The Desert Tortoise lives in a hot, dry environment, eats grass, and has stumpy feet with toes that are not webbed.

The Malayan Box Turtle lives in a hot, humid, aquatic environment, eats everything that it finds in the water, and has webbed feet.

The little Vietnamese Wood Turtle lives in cool, limestone mountains, eats primarily bugs, worms, snails and has partially webbed toes. it actually hardly goes for a swim.

The Diamondback Terrapin live in slightly salty waters. Has fully webbed feet and stays in the water most of the time. It eats crawfish, snails, fish, insects and worms.

There are a variety of Sea Turtles that stay in the ocean all the time, coming ashore only to lay eggs. They have flippers. They travel all over the world.

 After learning there are several different types of turtles and they live in different types of habitats. We go on to ask do all turtles have shells? Yes all Trutles have shells but not all of their shells are the same.And were not talking about sea shells.  They all have different shells. Some turtles have soft shells and others have box looking shells while others have shells that look like armor. So then we go on to ask can turtles take of their shells? Well no they can not.they would be naked and unprotected.

Another question would be can turtles hear? We yes they can and they even have ears. Not ears like you and me but they have ears inside their heads.They dont hear very well outside their heads. They hear from the nerve endings inside their head.

 Then I got to thinking what is the biggest turtle sea turtle is the Leather Back Sea Trutle it grows as big as 7 feet long and wieghing about 2000 pounds. Thats so cool!

 The biggest land Turtle which by the way is called a Tortoise. They get as big as 500 pounds and grow up to 6 feet.

The biggest fresh water turtle is the Alligator Snapping Turtle. They grow to be about 175 pounds and are about 26 inches long.

Then we come to the smallest turtle. It is actually a tortoise. The name is Speckled Cape padloper tortoise they grow to be about 3 inches.

Here is another interesting question. Are turtles poisonous? Well no they are not they do not have teeth or fangs. But I did read that there is a box turtle that has made people sick from eating their meat, because they eat poisonous mushrooms.

Do turtle take care of their babies. No they have are not good parents at all. The Mommas lay eggs and leave. The baby turtles hatch and fend for themselves.

Well I got to thinking what is the difference with turtles and tortois? Well the funny thing is Turtles live in or by water. tortios live on land always. Very cool and makes think why do turtles not get water logged?? But thats the way God made them.

Well there are a lot of happy turtles out there and I feel good about that. Thank you for reading what I found.

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