Monday, January 31, 2011

It was a BLAST!!!!

Hi this is my Momma. We went to Chuck E Cheese and we took this picture. It was a blast. There was a lot of people there I think it was because it was raining and yukky outside. Which makes it a great day to go to Chuck E Cheese. I sure hope you get to go and have fun acting like a kid. It was so cramped but it was fun. As you can see for me I really had fun there. I saved a token and I did not even know until the next day. I wish my friend Katelyn would have come to have fun with me.

This is my family we scrunched together to get this picture kinda don't you think? Momma and Daddy took my sisters and I to Chuck E Cheese because we have been working very hard on our school work and chores. I am glad I did and I will keep doing all the time.
This my picture of my Momma and I at Chuck E Cheese for my 7th birthday.  I can not wait to go again.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my thought on horses!

 I would to talk about my favorite animal. They are Horses. I just love horses. I hope one day I get to own a horse ranch. Now wouldn't be cool ! Some horses are fuzzy like horses who live where it snows.  Some are bright colored like reds and browns and blacks plus there are white horses. I wish I could have one.
I love stickers specially ones that have horses on them. I love them all even the toy My Little Ponys. Yes I know they are not real but I still love them. I also like the one that are called Breyer Horse. I got a pink one from my Nonnie for Christmas! It takes batteries and it neys like horses do. It is so cool. She did a good job.

To ride or not to ride? What a stupid question!

Thank you for reading,
In life, horses are some of the best friends you’ll ever have!

P.s. wish I could take credit for this two saying but I can not. I just liked what they said.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Me and my friend

Well I have been so busy kinda. I have  my best friend ever Katelyn who Love to spend the night when ever they want me to. We have so much fun. Only thing I don't like is when ever Katelyn and my sister Lileigh play together it makes me sad. My sister takes everybody away. She always has friends and I don't. My momma always says that having more then one friend is best. But I don't for some reason other kids think I am mean or they don't like me. I love my sister but she always has friends. I know Katelyn likes her but I don't want them to be friends. Lileigh always gets them to be mean to me. And makes me sad. But Momma helped me to hang with her no little sister yay.
I hope we are friends forever. I am so glad we met. We are in same girl scout troop to. Troop 463 ROCKS! We are taking orders for Cookies. Cookies are so yummy I hope i can sale lots of them ok i hope my sister and I can sale lots of them and our troop makes lots of money! We have to make ideas on what we want to do with it. Hopefully it is a lot how cool would that be!