Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies 2011 are gone

  Thank you to everyone who bought girl scout cookies from troop 463 your awesome! I sold over 400 boxes. I am so excited. I will get lots of prizes. Being a brownie ROCKS!!  Our whole troop 463 sold almost 7000 boxes. We rock, it was a long but awesome experience. Booth sales seemed to last for ever but it paid off because I sold over 400 boxes. Next year we will sell more!

My favorite Girl Scout cookie is the thin mint is there really any other KIND! They are minty goodness. I love how the chocolate cookie with mint chocolate coating goes together awesome in MILK ( mind you I don't like milk)! I will miss them until next year!

Well I really don't know how many kinds there are all I know is we sold 8 different kinds this year. They were Lemon, Trefoil, Do-Si-Do, Dulce le leche, Thank you berry Munch, Samoa, Tagalongs and Thin Mints. I didn't try them all but I tried and really liked the Samoa cookies they were so delightful the caramel and coconut with chocolate was awesome. The Thank you berry munch was awesomeness they were like eating a oatmeal cookie but with a granola twist. The Dulce were yummy but not my favorite. The tagalongs are like Reece cups with a cookie crunch. but again not my favorite Like thin Mints. Yes I am a thin mint girl can you say YUMMMO!

I am so glad cookie season is over but I sure will miss all the yummy cookies. I can not wait until next year 2012 cookies will be even better! So when you see Girl Scout Cookie time look for ME!!!

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