Friday, November 9, 2012

A little Bit About MY Life!

Hello everybody it's been awhile. I have forgotten about my blog. Sorry!! But I have something really awesome to blog about today and it's MY LIFE!

When I was a baby my Momma and Daddy would sing me lullaby's. I would roll over and they would think I was a sleep. Then they would stop and and I would let them know I wasn't sleeping I was enjoying them singing to me. So guess what they would continue to sing and i would finally fall asleep I guess because I can not remember. =)

There are a lot of stupid moments where I am klutzy and I don't think right when someone tells me to do something. I am smart but dumb at same time.. Momma Say's in time I grow out of it she hopes! But being klutzy is very upsetting at times. Because I hurt myself lots.

For an example I got to go camping with my Mamee and Poppa in Arkansas last month. Well I kept tripping over everything and I bruised my knee and arm and other leg plus a bump on my head. Yep I tried being careful but my legs and all they to my head had other ideas. OUCH

I'm in fourth grade. It's very hard getting past these grades. It's just like breaking glass but little bit harder to break the glass. But my momma gives me a good eduction and strives for me to succeed!

I want to talk about my big birthdays!
When I turned one my Momma and Daddy had a huge turn out for my birthday. Everyone that they invited came! I don't remember so we will move on!
On my 8th birthday I got a globe and skates I also got a camcorder so I could video take as I do things. I used it when I was on my skates and guess what the camcorder broke because I fell see I am klutzy! But we also was able to break a pinata it was super cool never had one of my own before!

well when I grow up and I am married I have it all worked out. First I am going to be a singer on the radio for God the all and mighty. Then I am going to be a veterinarian that takes care of horses. I am also going to have a farm with horses, cows and chickens. Then I plan on having 6 children like my Momma and Daddy. If my husband doesn't agree with that he isn't the right man for me so we wouldn't be married to begin with! But I will finish my schooling so I can do anything I put my mind to. and when I am grown God will show me the way!

How am I doing I am trying to blog and I will think of what I can BLOG about next time!

Thank you for reading Through Makenzee's Eyes..
May God bless you on your JOURNEY!!                       

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