Monday, December 20, 2010

It is almost Christmas

Jesus is about giving and loving all. My mommy does a lot of cooking and this is a way for love and giving. My mommy is giving away the yummy goodies we have all been making on and baking so we can give gifts to our friends and family. We enjoy doing this! =)
I am so excited about Christmas. I know Jesus is the reason but the gifts are so exciting and waiting is making me crazy! Christmas makes me want to sleep until Santa comes!

 This picture is so funny it made me laugh so I wanted to share it with everyone!! I am still laughing it is to funny because Santa is not dead he is waiting to come out and deliver all those good gifts. It has to be one of his helpers they are talking about!

I love my 2 sisters even though they can be mean. Sometimes my brothers can be mean to. But I still love them. I can not wait to see what they get for Christmas. I just wish my big brother CJ was here. I miss so much! He is my bubba!
Merry Christmas everyone thank you for reading!

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